Ace Hardware at Buckley Square

Ace Hardware at Buckley Square
17190 E Iliff Ave.
Aurora, CO, 80013

(303) 745-7177

Garden Center

We’re talkin’ major products for lawn and garden care.  With over 250 years of hardware experience, we can sure answer a bunch of  L & G questions!

Got Bugs?  We have pesticides, rodenticides, traps and lots of tips.  We’ll get you to the right product that safely removes the pests from inside and outside your home while keeping your family and your environment protected.

Got Lawn Issues?  The greening of your world is important to us!   We’re tops in soils, barks, straws—fertilizers, herbicides, pruners, trimmers, cutters, gloves and stuff with motors like mowers, blowers, trimmers and chain saws by one of the very best manufacturers around, Toro.

Looking for Plants?  Check us out in the spring and fall for locally grown quality bedding plants, herbs and perennials—and plenty of great pots to showcase them!


Soils, barks, limes….spring flowers, fertilizers, tools and more: we are your Helpful Folks for your outside projects.

For long term lawn and garden care visit ACE and let us help you choose the right Ortho product (including WeedBGon and BugBGon) for indoors and outdoors.